Friday, March 6, 2009

For dinner I made 6 rolls of veggie sushi. I used a sticky green jasmine rice that is infused with bamboo that I got from the local co-op. Makes really good sushi. For the filling I used green onion, avocado, cucumber and baked sesame-honey tofu. You can vary the ingredients-some other ideas are enoki or portobella mushrooms, sprouts, roasted peppers, whatever. I am thinking that cream cheese and jalepenos sound kinda good, too. Before I tried to make sushi for the first time (this was only my second time) I watched a video about making vegan sushi from the Post Punk Kitchen. There are also numerous videos about sushi making on YouTube. Makes it a lot easier.

We served with a stir-fry and blood-oranges. I sauteed onion, garlic and carrots in a little canola oil. Then added some chopped baby bok-choy and steamed edamame. Added some sauteed cubed baked teriyaki tofu. Drizzled some sesame oil over the top and added a stir-fry sauce made of soy sauce, brown sugar, mirin (japanese rice wine) and fresh grated ginger. Then topped with black sesame seeds.


  1. mm... all this looks very good. do you have the recipes for them, and how do i go about getting them.

  2. Don't really use too many recipes, I usually just kind of throw things together. And even if I use one, I always modify it somehow.